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Bootylicious blonde squirts and gets fucked by a grocery store clerk

The grocery store was strangely deserted, with only a few other shoppers, a stunningly curvy blonde, and her distracted boyfriend. The blonde bombshell was so horny that she put in a vibrator and handed stockboy the remote. While they scoped through the aisles, checking through their list, she saw a snack that she knew was not on the list, one that her boyfriend would never let her take home, but it was too tempting not to try it. So she approached the clerk while he was stacking the rows of endless canned food, and she grabbed the big bulge in his pants. He stared at her in shock, but quickly changed his impression, when she pulled down his pants and wrapped her dirty and eager mouth around his shaft. She sucked him off hard and fast, while her boyfriend was busy reading the labels. She sucked out all the cum and swallowed it like a good girl. Once she was done, she tried to keep her horniness in check, but the other stock boy pushed the button, making the bitch squirting all over the floor right in the middle of the grocery store! He was frantically moving his thumb over the buttons, making her fall to her knees, and squirt all over the tiled floor, as she came down from her high. He walked over to her and reached out his hand to help her up. But she won’t stay in an upward position for too long. He took her to the deserted meat aisle and bent her over the big and flat cart. He pulled her huge ass up, making her rest on her upper body, while he slammed his cock inside of her. He started pumping his rod in and out of her, making her moans spread all over the store as he brought her to orgasm once again. Her juices spewed out of her, drenching the floor, but he never stopped pummeling her hole. Her big ass was meeting his thrust with every stroke. Her double-D tits were swaying back and forth in time with her rocking motions. He drilled this busty all-natural beauty until his cum was aching to explode, and he filled her up with his spunk before helping her find her clueless boyfriend.


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