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Finding a slutty way to make my hubby forget about my extensive spending

Everything about this hottie is expensive and luxurious, from Mercedes Benz SLS AMG supercar she rides to the smashing style and beauty of her body. She is young, but a long black dress and chunky jewelry suit her perfectly. Despite her classy look, the nymphet soon shows her slutty side, shaking her butt on the driveway, flashing a tiny and black thong. She has been spending too much again and now needs to come up with ways to make her hubby forget about the expensive spree. Taking lingerie out of the bag, she gives him a clear sign that he’s gonna get some. The blonde doll hops on the car hood and spreads her long legs, moaning through the pussy licking session. Knowing that her husband loves oral as well, the flamboyant chick gets on her knees and starts working on the dick with her mouth. Giving her best to make the pecker as stiff as a rod, the slutty hottie shoves it down her throat. The man now wants to feel the inside of the pussy, so he guides his wife inside the other supercar, with her naked ass sticking out the window. He embeds his dick inside the humid box in a standing doggy, holding the blonde’s tight butt with his strong hands. Missionary style banging is next, accompanied by the subtle jiggling of the vixen’s small boobs. He forces his cock into her meaty pussy over and over, slapping against her as he forces his whole dick into her tight little hole. With her hands chained behind her back, the tart’s pussy is even wetter. She can’t stop cumming on his cock and squeezing it and draining it of the cum she craves. Doggystyle railing turns the elegant dame into a cock-greedy slut who begs for more with her loud moans. It’s her time to be in charge. Sitting on top of the tool gives her the sense of domination, and a whip in her hand hits her hubby’s strong chest. After a long and steamy ride, her moist snatch gets a juicy creampie.


Teen (18+)



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