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Girlfriend bends over her bike to get fucked in an open field

It looks like he didn’t even want to win his bike race with his girlfriend when second place gave him such a great view of her big bouncy booty! The pretty brunette put on her tight booty shorts, and a snug sports bra. Thinking about him, drooling after her, made her panties soaked with her juices, so she decided to take a short break in the middle of the wheat field, and tease her partner. He stopped a minute after her, and he let his eyes trail over her perfect body, as she took her water bottles, and spilled most of it down her cleavage. She grabbed his cock and got down on her knees to suck his dick right there by the side of the trail. She swallowed his shaft, inch by inch, until his while dick was slamming against her mouth. His horny girlfriend licked his balls, slapping her tongue against his balls and it turned him on so much. He couldn’t resist her anymore, and he quickly turned her over and pulled down her shorts. His hot throbbing cock tracing the crack of her bubble ass. She pushed back, yearning for it to enter her. She grabbed onto her bike, as he drilled her hole from behind, not bothering to stop and hide from other bikers passing by. He gripped her hair in a fist as he fucked her hard from behind. His hot naked girlfriend was on all fours with her gorgeous ass up in the air waiting to be used by him. He was fucking her fiercely doggy style! He thrust into her so hard, she almost screamed in pleasure. Then he pulled her down on the ground, letting her ride him and take control of his and her orgasm. After multiple orgasms she stopped caring about other people, and she focused on making her horny man cum for her! “Oh yes, shoot all your yummy cum in me,” she moaned, always loving the feeling of cum filling her cunt. They collapsed on the ground and after a while, they got dressed. On the way home she felt his cum leaking into her shorts.



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