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Having sex with her boyfriend and his dad on Christmas morning – PART 1

While his girlfriend and his family got busy downstairs unwrapping gits, the dark-haired beauty sneaked upstairs. She has had the hots for her stepbrother, and she knew that this Christmas morning was the perfect opportunity for her to seduce him! She opened his door, seeing he was still asleep. His slutty stepsis climbed into the bed with him, gently waking him up. He was taken aback when he realized that the girl in his bed was his stepsister. He shot her the look of surprise, and she went on how they will only have this one chance to play together. He was scared they will get caught, but she explained how everyone was getting busy downstairs, and all he should care about is her. So the little slut slid under his blanket and wrapped her lips around his morning wood. But before they could get more naughty, his girlfriend called out to him, and his stepsister quickly hid in the closet. The girlfriend walked in, and she was horny and ready to have some morning sex. He tried to make them go to her room, but when she wouldn’t listen, he gave in, and let her mount him. His beautiful sexy girlfriend sat in his lap, still clothed in her pajamas, and placed wet kisses across his neck. He pushed her back on the bed, pulling down her pajama pants. She spread her legs, giving him access to her aching hole. But he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back in on his now naked lap. The sexy naked girl pushed herself on him, riding him to his first orgasm before he flipped her over and drilled her hard from behind. All the while his stepsister stood in his closet, watching them get off together. His cock was sliding in and out deep inside his girlfriend’s pussy. His breathing was shallow and fast and she could feel how close he was too cumming. Her pussy clenched against him and she moaned loudly, simultaneously pulsing with her own orgasm! Merry Christmas!


Teen (18+)



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