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Helping nerdy schoolgirl to get out of the virgin club – PART 1

The first episode in a series of four! Dakota landed herself in a bit of trouble at school and was sentenced to a one-week suspension. The poor teen had no idea how to hide it from her strict stepdad, so she tried to forge his signature on her own. And then her stepbrother got into her room. He immediately realized his nerdy schoolgirl was in trouble and got a chance to trade his help for some of that young twat. He copied his daddy’s signature, but he wouldn’t do it for free. So her pervy stepbrother got her to open up the legs for him. She had never showed her pussy to anyone, but she agreed to lift up her plaid skirt, move her black panties aside and show him her delicious pussy. Her pussy was bald except for a thin strip on her mound. He made her stretch her pink labia and slide her fingers all around it. It was not enough, as his dick needed the gentle touch, too. It was growing out of his pants and he got his sister to grab it. At first, she hesitated, but then she began stroking his sausage. She had never touched a cock before and her stepbrother wanted her to enjoy the experience! But, somebody was coming so she couldn’t manage to finish it off. Later that day she sneaked into his room to find her school discipline referral form. She was caught and in order to get what she came for, the bro asked for a blowjob! She checked the door and then got to her knees, watching his sweet cock pulsing in front of her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked the head of his throbbing member. She couldn’t believe the sensation! She opened her mouth and sucked the head of his pecker into her watering mouth. His sister asked him if it was alright because this was her first blowjob. He placed his hands on her head and helped show the rhythm he liked, turning his nerdy sister into a cocksucker. Before he even warned her, he filled her mouth with a hotshot. SEXY SISTERS CAN’T CONTROL THEIR TEENAGE SEX DRIVE: The shot took her by surprise and she gagged slightly. The stuff began leaking out of her mouth onto her palm. What those two hadn’t noticed was their father who entered the room and saw them! There was just another step to take for this hottie to get out of the virgin club. Her pussy had never been soaked like that, and when he got his tongue down there, it started pulsating. The teen was ready to have that firm thing inside her. So the bro opened her legs wide and slowly entered the sacred hole. She screamed a bit at the first push but soon, it became a pure pleasure. As it was her first time, he was gentle at the beginning. He didn’t want to hurt her, but the young horny girl wanted it rough. And she had heard all about that doggy stuff, so she turned around and lifted her booty so the boy could dive deep. It was clear to hear why everyone loved it, his cock was penetrating her to the bottom, while her pulsating twat was causing her legs to shake and an intense vibe shook her up. Shortly after, the boy left her a massive creampie. After her stepdad caught her sucking her stepbrother’s cock, he wanted in on the fun himself. The sexcapade continued with the old pervert fucking his stepdaughter in his marital bed. He became obsessed with the teen girl fucking her in secret from his wife. Now, he wanted his wife out of the picture and sent her away on vacation, together with his son. As a way of consoling his weeping stepmom, the dude gave her a good dicking. Soon she learned about what had been going on between her daughter and her husband. Everyone was out for revenge, which came to its pinnacle in a family orgy!

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