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Juicy stepsisters taking hardcore measures to go to a costume party

A dude is getting ready for a costume party, and his gorgeous stepsisters are eavesdropping while he is talking about plans with his friend over the phone. The girls want to go with him so badly, but they know he won’t let them unless they come up with a great way to help him change his mind. Two sisters, who look almost like twins, hurry to change, helping each other get rid of the clothes before their stepbrother leaves the house. Cat costumes are what the hotties choose, and they enter his room wearing skimpy outfits. The girls jiggle their cute asses at him, begging him to take them. He observes as the pussycats approach his cock, promising to show it a good time. Both girls fall on the cock as one, each licking their side of the shaft and sucking on the head. Lookalikes team up to treat the guy with a steamy blowjob, licking it with their naughty tongues. They have their mouths on both sides of his cock, moving up and down. Sensual sucking soon turns into raw deepthroating, covering the thick shaft with bubbly spit. While one brunette rides the meaty tool, another one sits on her face, letting her explore the folds of her cunt with her tongue. The intensity of twat slurping is so overwhelming that the curly knockout cums all over her stepsister’s lips, trembling from the power of the orgasm. Still wet from licking, the shaking pussy slowly opens up to welcome the shaft, and the aroused belle returns the favor to her naughty stepsister. Now the dong goes inside balls deep, fucking the slutty sister so hard that her juicy buttocks jiggle like the sweetest dough. Hotties dive into each other’s muffs while the stepbrother takes turns banging both tarts’ aching boxes. Missionary style screwing sends waves of pleasure through young, ivory-skinned bodies since they get to rub each other’s clits during the rough pounding. Standing up, he holds his majestic cock over their faces, and starts wanking like mad. “Give us all your hot juicy spunk!” the naked girls both yelp at the same time. Sultry kittens are treated with a warm facial that coats their puffy lips with creamy spunk.



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