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Naughty step sibling duo act out their dirty desires in a foursome

Two stepsiblings were arguing about everything when their friends paid them a visit. School was out for the holidays and they decided to spend the holiday weekend together. The usual teasing and mocking continued, and the stepsister and stepbrother made sure to speak their mind even during lunch. All of them soon realized that the only way to make their weekend interesting was to start playing games. The teens sat on the couch, in the living room, discussing a bunch of games before agreeing on a round of ‘Never Have I Ever’. The longer they played, the dirtier questions got. Soon, all of them confessed their crushes on one another and just like that they took off their clothes. The girls laid back on the couch, naked and with their legs spread as much as they could. Their stepbrothers were on their knees, with their faces buried between their legs! The moment their tongues licked across their soaking wet slits, moans and screams filled the house, shaking it from the ground up. The guys started out slow, admiring and savoring each other’s stepsister’s tastes. Their tongues flickered over their swollen beans, and soon the girls couldn’t take it anymore. So they pushed guys off, and they sat up, taking their cocks in their hands and mouth. SEXY SISTERS CAN’T CONTROL THEIR TEENAGE SEX DRIVE: The naked girls sucked them off, starting slow, almost teasing. They picked up the pace one their hands found their way to their hair, and started pushing their mouths on their cocks harder. It wasn’t long before the couch was hidden behind their intertwined bodies. The naked girls rested on all fours, taking rough thrusts from each other’s stepbros, while locking their lips together, tasting each other. The girls got into a 69, sucking each other out. The guys began fucking their cunts from both sides. Their balls were slapping and rubbing against their own stepsisters and the girls suggested they switch partners. They were all for it. The petite brunette rode her stepbrother, while her blonde best friend had her legs spread in doggystyle, as she let her stepbrother drill her snatch with his huge rod. The naked girls were on their backs, side-by-side and the guys kept fucking them. Their sisters orgasmed one after the other. All of their moans intensified, filling the whole house with screams of pleasure. The guys were too close to cumming to care about anything else, right after the girls felt the pleasure erupt in their bodies, they dropped on the floor to take their spunk in their mouths. The guys were cuming buckets in each other sister’s mouth, the girls just kept sucking until they had nothing left to give.

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