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Petite blonde cutie makes coach pay for spying on naked girls in the locker room

The practice was over and the petite blonde headed back to the locker rooms with her friend. She took off all of her gym clothes and was going to take a shower. When she said goodbye to her friend, she hooked her fingers in the hem of her shirt and shorts and got them off. But as she was uncovering her tight little body, she didn’t notice her coach hiding in the locker room, watching her. Thinking she was alone, the naked girl sat on the bench and opened her legs. Her slit needed her attention before she went to take a shower. Her moans got louder as she played with her young wet pussy, and the coach couldn’t handle not feeling the same pleasure. But his movements caught her eye, and as she called him out on his spying, he ran to the showers, pretending to be fixing it. She knew better than that, and since she was too horny, she grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. The kiss deepened, and she demanded that he drop to his knees, and lick her slit, as his punishment. The pervert obeyed, and lifted the naked girl over his shoulders, licking and sucking her young bald pussy. As his tongue pumped in and out of her slit, she felt her urges grow bigger. Soon the naked girl was on her knees, and his cock was in her mouth. It was fucking huge! The petite blonde sucked him off, letting all of her spit drip down her pretty chin and all over his rod. Her pervy coach put her down on her back and entered her from the missionary position. He was easing it into her pussy stretching it far beyond anything she had ever experienced. Her gaze was fixated on his huge cock going in and out of her little pussy. He took control over their situation and pounded her until her legs shake and she came all over his dick. Then right in the middle of the locker room she rode him, rising high on his giant prick before slamming herself back down all the way to the base of his cock. After she caught her pervy coach spying on naked girls in the locker room, she was going to prove to him that she was number one at riding cock, too!

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