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TOP RATED - Slutty brunette cheerleader got a big facial in detention

She walked into the detention class with a frown on her face, determined to disrupt the class once she got there. This brunette hottie felt like she got detention for no particular reason, and she didn’t want to spend two extra hours after school in a musty classroom, when she could be out with her friends, having fun. She walked into detention, still in her cheerleading uniform, and she sat up front, facing the teacher. The other two boys sat in the back and listened carefully to the teacher explaining the rules. While he talked and turned on the camera that was supposed to keep them in check, while he was away, a naughty idea popped into the little slut’s head. She wanted to have fun, and get revenge at the teacher for punishing her because of a dress code. The boys behind her got their books and tried to do their homework. But she had a better idea, so she stood in front of the camera, and lifted her skirt up. The boys behind her were speechless, and all they could do was watch as she started stripping. The cheerleader called them over and asked for their help getting undressed. Both nerds nodded yes, and pulled her dress up. She was left standing there, in only her white panties, but soon enough, the boys took that off of her too. Their hands were all over her beautiful bare body, caressing her titties and her the fluff on her pussy. The naked girl dropped to her knees and unbuttoned their pants, and started jerking both of them off! This slutty hottie was done playing the good girl, and she was ready to make a mess with these boys. All three of them pushed the desks together and hopped on. One of the guys laid down, and let her slide her pussy down his shaft, while the other stud stuffed her mouth with his cock. Cheerleader started jumping on one of the guys’ dicks, and when she felt him twitch inside of her, she picked up her pace. NAKED GIRLS RECEIVED CUM SOAKED FACIALS: She lifted her hips a little, allowing him to start thrusting his rod harder inside of her. She took his pounding while deepthroating his friend’s cock. The guys swapped places, and now she was riding the cock that just a minute before, she had in her mouth. She positioned herself on his tip and started jumping with all of her strength, making him cum hard. But she wasn’t nearly done. All she wanted was to put on a great show for the camera that their teacher left, and make him regret putting her in detention. Maybe he will keep her in detention all year after he sees the tape, but she was having too much fun to care. This slutty brunette loved milking big cocks at school. When one of them was ready to cum, he shot in her face, the other one lept fucking her from behind. The more she received a facial, the more cum all over her face she wanted. She had never got a facial from more than one guy at once and she like it! What an insatiable cum slut! They shot off onto her, one after the other. One after the other the boys painted her lips with hot cum, smeared the fresh semen across her cheeks and through her hair. I have to admit that I like the look of her sweet face with creamy cum dripping off it. This little cum princess looks so happy like that. Watch more young naked girls getting fucked in hot threesomes, culminating in cum soaked facials!

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