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Cucked by her girlfriend on New Year

New Year is a particular time of the year where you can be a bad girl and relax, so Maddy decided to take herself and her new girlfriend to a close friend’s New Years’ party. Arriving at the party, her girlfriend, Kylie, was already complaining about how horny she was and wanted to do something about it. Interested in a New Years’ party Maddy left to get her first drink of the night, leaving her horny girl with her close friend. Not caring that this person was his friend’s girlfriend, he showed her way to his room. As horny as she was without even thinking about it, she took off his pants and took his king-sized monster in her mouth. Completely distracted from the party, he tore her fishnets and spread her legs to spit and munch on her hairy pussy. Penetrating her with his big black cock, she deeply moaned while crossing her eyes from the pressure that she felt in her coochie. Her white little pussy had never been stretched like that before. His black balls were slapping against her ass every time he thrusted deep into her. Wanting to see her girlfriend, Maddy entered the room and saw her girl on the bed suspiciously waiting for her, and soon after, her friend revealed himself completely naked. Shocked that her partner couldn’t restrain herself from cheating, she gave in to a threesome. She sat on her girl’s face while her friend was pounding her with his big black cock, allowing them to connect. Horny, as much as her partner was she let her friend penetrate her since her girl was unable to, and Maddy needed it badly. The naked girls pounced on his cock, using every trick they knew. Cocksucker moaned around his his cock, kissing, sucking and licking it from all sides. He fucked them with abandon, using their wet pussies for his own pleasure. Both sluts came like mad all over his huge cock. He put the naked girls on top of each other and went from one pussy to the next and fingered the ones he wasn’t fucking as the girls ate each other.



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