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Curvaceous babe needs help with her tight jeans and her round, juicy booty

This curvy babe was looking for a new pair of pants to fit over her round, juicy booty! They entered the store, and she was on her marry way looking through the racks. Jordi, a clerk, was following them around, and she let him hold all of her stuff that she wanted to try out. He was patient with her, unlike her boyfriend, who couldn’t get out of there fast enough. To get back at him, she flirted with the clerk, and even flashed him her naked ass. Her ass was so thick, finding the perfect jeans to hug her otherworldly curves was a challenge. He was shocked that this curvy brunette lady got out of her house without any underwear. So when she got into a changing room, Jordi was quick to sneak into the next one and spy on her as she was changing. She stood there, naked, with her jeans barely covering her huge ass, and the little pervert took the chance to touch her tight slit through a big hole in the wall. She smiled when she felt his fingers toy with her cunt, and she turned around to grab his cock and suck him off. But they were soon interrupted by another customer. The thick babe was not about to let go of her new lover, so she pulled him into her own booth, and let him pound her tight ass. She laid down on the big chair, bringing her legs up to her torso, while he slammed his young cock inside of her. As his cock was sliding in and out of her asshole, his hands found their way to her big tits. He toyed with her nipples, making her moan louder. Her moans spread through the store, making her boyfriend come get her. But she quickly told him off and continued to ride her horny clerky, not realizing that the girl next door was closely watching as he spilled his jizz all over her huge ass.


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