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Delicious blonde orgasms with her roommate when boyfriend couldn’t satisfy her

Recently both of them have found boyfriends and started bringing them home. One night, the girls brought their new boyfriends to the house, hoping to spend a steamy night with them. The brunette led her boyfriend into her room, while the busty blonde started toying with her boyfriend’s cock in the hallway. She let him play with her big succulent tits and tease her hard nipples, while her hands fondled with his belt. Once she had his pants off, she dropped to her knees and wrapped her greedy mouth around the tip of his shaft. His dick throbbed in her mouth, the most amazing feeling in the world. She closed her eyes in pleasure, rubbing in circles around the head of his cock. Her roommate was giving her boyfriend a titjob, massaging his cock with her big soft boobs when she heard a dick sucking echo coming from the hallway. Meanwhile the busty blonde led her lover to her room, hoping to ride his hard cock and get an orgasm. She pushed him to lay down, while she took off the rest of his pants, and resumed what she was doing in the hallway. Her roommate left her room and her horny boyfriend to check up on her blonde friend. She opened the door just in time to see him cumming in her mouth, and pulling up his pants, without satisfying his girlfriend! She decided to take the matter into her own hands, so she threw the boyfriend out, and grabbed her big strap on. Once her roommate saw what she was about to do, she plopped down on all fours, stuck her ass in the air, spread her ass cheeks with both hands, waiting for her to slam the plastic cock inside of her. Her roommate pounded her from behind, never slowing down, making her get closer and closer to the edge. She stopped only to drop to her knees, and to start licking her slit. While the brunette had her face buried in blondie’s muff, her boyfriend stood in the doorway, watching his girlfriend make her roommate cum. THE HOTTEST SLUTS ARE THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOUR CUM: When the blonde saw him lurking, she excused herself and sneaked into her roommate’s room, and attacked his cock with her mouth. He let her swallow his shaft completely, before pulling her on his lap to ride him. His girlfriend barged into the room, but instead of getting angry, she pushed the blonde to ride his face, while she impaled her pussy on his cock. He was in busty heaven, having sex with two hot naked girls, watching his girlfriend jump on his dick, while he had his tongue deep in her roommate. The naked girls changed their paces, and while the brunette moved her hips faster and faster, the blondie swayed slower over his face. She stuffed her clit into his mouth, and he sucked on her sensitive bean making her cum harder than her own boyfriend ever could. Her roommate watched her cum, and she moved her own body faster, milking her boyfriend’s dick and feeling his warm jizz entering and spilling all over her pink tunnel. Both babes moved to either side of him, sandwiching his cock between their big tits. They kissed passionately as they rubbed their boobs up and down his cock. Both pussies were facing him one on top of the other. The dream and fantasy of every man on this planet! He fucked both of their pussies, going back and forth from one cunt to the other. Their big tits were both bouncing up and down. The busty naked girls slowly got back down on their knees and cleaned his rod with their eager tongues.

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