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Fooling around with my teacher after class

After class, Ms. Reed asked me to stay after class. I figured she wanted to tell me to study a bit harder considering what I just got on my last test. She closed the door as the last student left. Then she sat down on the edge of her desk, right in front of me. She was young, she had a great body and she always looked very sexy unlike the other women in our school. Her slender body was good enough to be a model. She started to say that if I put my mind and effort to doing well, I could raise my grades. Soon I realized that the talking had stopped and we were both intently looking at one another. She suddenly spread her legs in front of me! Goodness me, there was no panties and her pussy was clean shaved!!! Ms. Reed grabbed a magic wand and started stroking her soaked clit and moaned at my face while an orgasm made her squirt all over her teacher’s papers. Now glistening with juice, her pussy was ready for more. She held the vibrating toy and shook when I felt the urge to taste the sweet fluid. I held her butt as my tongue swirled around her swollen button. With the desire to reciprocate, she turned her attention to my dick and gave it a long and sloppy blowjob. While my eyes were fixed on her cunt, she slurped on my manhood, combining sucking with a handjob. Soon my cock found its way inside her cunt and I fucked her hard missionary style. With my hands around her neck, I pumped without mercy, making Ms. Reed moan loudly. My sexy naked teacher was desperate to cum, so she caressed her clit to add more pleasure. Now on the desk, she kept receiving the railing of a lifetime, begging for more with her naughty gaze. With the need to be pounded from behind, she bent over the desk and enjoyed the doggy-style session, feeling my cock even deeper inside her pussy. My balls slapping against her clit helped her reach new heights, and another orgasm overwhelmed her, making her shake uncontrollably. Aching for more, I kept going, treating my teacher like a slut. Then she let me rest while she did all the work. She rode my pecker while I slapped her tight booty.



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