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Hardcore basketball lessons for a lustful stepsister

My stepsister is really something. We have always been very close, but things escalated to a whole new level the other day. The enticing dark-haired teen wanted me to teach her to play basketball, so I grabbed the ball and began giving her lessons. Just to tease her, I put the ball high up above my head, daring her to touch it. The petite knockout jumped up and down, frustrated and angry, and her big bubble ass was grinding against my groin! I approached her from behind, laid my hands on her waist. Although I was trying to concentrate on the game, my dick had a mind of its own and went stiff! My stepsister felt the boner hitting her ass and seemed very flattered by the situation. From that point on, things got a little strange between us. The sexual tension was almost palpable as we chased each other around the house, lusting to finally hook up. The gorgeous brunette was stretching in her bedroom with nothing but a skimpy top and tight shorts on, and I had to stop and admire the sensational routine. All of a sudden, the kitten began complaining about the ache in her leg, begging me to help her. She bent over the bed as my hands stroked her leg, almost reaching her pussy. It soon dawned on me that it was just a game to seduce me. Now out of the shorts, my stepsister’s impressive booty in a black G-string was right in front of my face. SEXY SISTERS CAN’T CONTROL THEIR TEENAGE SEX DRIVE: The hottie rubbed against my boner to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore. I whipped my erect dong out, putting it between my stepsister’s juicy butt cheeks. The moment the pussycat knelt in front of me, I knew I was in for a blowjob. As my shaft kept getting harder, my stepsister swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock sensually before my groans made her pick up the speed. I filled her mouth with my spunk and watched her swallow it! The next day, I was treated with the view of my ravishing stepsister masturbating. Her fingers rubbed her button vigorously as my cock stood up to full attention. She smeared love juices all over her neat bush and begged me to insert my stick inside. I banged the raunchy brunette missionary style while she played with her pierced nipples. The athletic stunner now turned into a cowgirl that rode my dick with passion. She was especially fond of doggy ramming since she loved having her delicious tushy spanked. My balls slapped against her clit, as the slutty nymphet was impaling on my dick reverse cowgirl style. Her juicy ass was jiggling with each thrust. Her ass was like two basketball balls put together. I knew she came by the firm grip of her pussy walls around my manhood. I pulled out, watching the teen bombshell rushing to taste my cock one more time before a stream of jizz filled her mouth. Now we just can’t keep their hands off each other!

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