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House sitter in a desperate need of anal pounding

This house sitter wants to make the best out of long hours spent in the empty house and chooses her favorite pastime to have fun. She ditches the clothes, turns the camera on, and flashes her pierced belly at her cam show fans. Wearing nothing but white knee-highs, she begins her solo show with sensual clit rubbing, occasionally turning the camera towards her small boobs. Little by little, the naked girl gets overwhelmed with the desire to please her body and reaches for her favorite toy – a butt plug. It goes in and out of her tight asshole when the owner of the house unexpectedly goes inside and catches her fucking her asshole on a camera. Aroused by the sexy sight, the man approaches the naked girl and grabs the anal toy, now pushing it in and out hard and deep. Now with another, longer toy, he continues fucking the hottie’s butt hole from behind while she holds her butt cheeks. It cock’s turn now to explore the depths of the back passage, and the young anal slut approves eagerly, enjoying every hardcore second. There she is, being anally banged doggy style, enjoying the pressure of his swollen slippery glans against her anus. Now the boss was doing her, squeezing her butt while drilling the narrow hole. With the desire to be in charge, the pervy house sitter mounts the guy and rides his shaft reverse cowgirl style. She slides up and down the rod slowly at first, feeling the pecker stretch the walls of her asshole. The naked girl picks up the speed, now hopping up and down. In the meantime, her pussy got soaked wet, craving for attention. While pummeling the butt missionary style, the stud fingers the slut’s twat and caresses the clit. The super combo sets the young seductress over the edge, bringing a powerful orgasm to her slender body.





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