I can’t stop thinking about my sexy sister-in-law

I just can’t stop thinking about my sister-in-law, she is so beautiful and sexy. She has been staying with us for a while, and I sometimes see how she looks at me. My wife didn’t realize that her younger sister was flirting with me, even if it was subtle. Yesterday I woke up and went to see if my sister-in-law was in her room. I started walking up the stairs, and halfway up, I heard quiet moans coming from her room. I didn’t think that she would bring a guy home, but when I reached her room and saw that her door was opened a little, I stood in her doorway and watched her. From the awkward angle from which I was spying on her I could see her gorgeous ass, her long legs, she was wearing lingerie! She was lying on the bed, in her see-through lingerie and rubbing her clit over her white panties. How Could I NOT Look!? I couldn’t take my eyes off her stunning body, so I stayed and watched. But I gave myself away when I couldn’t control my sneeze. She sat up on her bed, looking at me puzzled. But she wasn’t angry, she saw this as an opportunity. I walked into her room, and she begged me to fool around with her before her sister came home. I hesitated, but I couldn’t resist her beautiful body and pussy. The sexy girl crawled to the edge of the bed, her hand gripped my cock and pulled back my foreskin! Leaning over, my sister-in-law touched her tongue to the head of my throbbing cock before licking it lightly. Then she started sucking my cock with her little mouth. As she was lowering her tongue to my balls, I put a hand on her head, and stroked her hair. I grabbed a handful of her hair and guided her head. Then the little slut slowly pulled her white panties down, enjoying the fact that I was gazing at her exposed wet pussy with lust in my eyes! The naked girl laid down on the bed, taking off her lingerie, and spreading her legs as much as she could. I held her legs in place and pushed my dick inside of her. The feeling of her body just drove me mad. Her moans quickly filled the whole house. It didn’t take that long before I was cumming in her. Feeling my cock contract and spew sperm inside her vagina, she wrapped her legs around me to pull me into her as far as she could. She climaxed, the orgasm washed over her in waves as my cock exploded and pumped jets of sperm into her pussy. I kept pounding her cum filled pussy, and stretched it out with my massive rod. She quickly came when I flipped her over and started fucking her in the doggy style.

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