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She walked into the office this morning in a tight and short dress. Her boss loved seeing her in borderline slutty outfits, and as she walked into the building she hoped that he would notice her right away, and come to play with her. She put down her stuff and tried to ignore the feeling of eyes burning holes into her back. He noticed her, just how she knew he would. He walked closer to her, closing the door of his office. Her back was turned to him, her juicy ass dangerously close to his growing boner. His voice broke the silence, demanding her to bend over the table. The teen babe obeyed him, pressing her torso on the glass table in front of him, and lifting her cute ass for him to use. He kneeled behind her, lifting her skirt up, and burying his face between her ass cheeks. From the moment he saw her hips swaying in the office, he needed to taste her. His tongue grazed over her sweet spots, and he loved making her whimper. Her wetness spread on his face, and when he felt like he feasted on her pink pussy enough, he spun her around, making her drop to her knees, pushing his cock deep inside her eager mouth. She had incredibly fuckable face combined with extremely chewable silky lips. Shit he was large but the girl forced her mouth further open and her horny boss was able to push far enough in to make her gag. She sucked him off until he was ready to pound her pink tunnel and make her scream with pleasure. He laid down on the table, and the young naked girl climbed into his lap, sliding her pussy down his shaft. Her hips moved harder and faster by the minute, and as she rode him, slamming her bubble ass down into him as he fucking up into her. She was put in one position after another, his huge cock was going from her pussy to her mouth and back to her teen cunt. He enjoyed every inch of her delicious body. She could feel how close he was to fill her holes. With a few last thrusts, she let go of her orgasm, squeezing his dick inside of her, making him spill his spunk and marking her as his.

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