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My blonde bimbo stepsister coming up with a hardcore revenge plan

Melody, my adorable stepsister, was heartbroken, but I was there to console her. Her boyfriend dumped her just before their night out. The poor thing sat there, her bare feet tapping the carpet in desperation. I really liked how she looked tonight. Her blonde hair and fair skin were complemented by a tight, sparkling dress, and I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Her nipples sprang up from the sexual attraction between us, and her little titties were at my disposal. I also could see that she had no panties on under the dress. Her pussy had been shaved into a landing strip, with her labia bright pink and ready, just for her stupid boyfriend. Despite the fact that she had to stay home she still wanted to have a good night and have some fun for herself! I knew she needed a hard dick to feel better. The blonde bimbo spotted my erection and I whipped my dong out, slammed it right inside her mouth! Her lips did wonders for my swollen pecker. She blew me so hard that I emptied my balls and sprayed her tongue with my seed. She loved the salty taste and drank every drop of the sperm with gusto. Although we had fun fooling around, the blonde doll couldn’t stop thinking about her boyfriend. He kept posting pictures of him and his new girlfriend on Instagram, and my stepsister was furious. This was when I came up with the perfect revenge. We would do the same thing – take naughty photos and post them online! In a blink of an eye, Melody was in, enchanted by the ravishing idea. She knelt in front of me and began worshipping my shaft, licking it from top to bottom, and paused only to take a pose for the photo session. SEXY SISTERS CAN’T CONTROL THEIR TEENAGE SEX DRIVE: Willing to go further, the hottie turned around and lifted her mini skirt, showing off her nice ass. I stood there staring at her naked ass as if I had never seen naked ass before! She garbbed my cock and guided it to her pussy. I banged her pussy from behind, taking photos of the endeavor, observing my dong disappear inside her twat through the phone camera. The mischievous plan worked out, and the kitten was getting ready for a date with her ex. I had to make her change her mind, and the idea of making the guy even angrier seemed appealing to the blonde bimbo. As always, my sexy stepsister used her lips to make my cock fully erect. She combined hand strokes with sucking while her blue eyes stayed fixed on me. In a moment, the light-haired goddess was fully naked and on top of me, riding my dong vigorously. I played with her pale boobs and pinkish nipples as she moved her hips to feel my tool even deeper inside. Missionary style plowing made the cutie roll her pretty eyes, as I kept invading her shaved cunny without mercy. I guided my stepsister on her tummy and railed her twat doggy style. I held her hands behind her back and concentrated on her moans and the grip of the pussy walls tightening around my shaft. Overwhelmed by the need to taste my jizz, the blonde took my stiff cock inside her mouth and sucked it hard until a shower of creamy seed landed on her pink tongue. She smiled as she gulped on my warm spunk.

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