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My boy-crazed stepsister proves she is not a virgin

I sat down in the living room to watch the basketball game. But as soon as I turned on the TV, my stepsister showed her face in the living room and took a seat next to me on the couch. She needed to know everything about basketball, since she had a date that night, and the guy was a basketball player. Looking at her, the petite brunette cutie, she looked too innocent to get with careless boys, and before I could stop my mouth from moving, I announced that a virgin had better things to worry about on dates, than basketball. The expression on her face changed as if I offended her. My stepsister looked me in the eyes, and pulled her skirt up, letting me see her naked pussy! She was shaved and had a perfect cunt! She wasn’t wearing any panties, and the way she acted, so confident, made me hard! Her fingers traveled down to her slit, and she rubbed tight circles on her clit. With zero hesitation she stuck her naked ass high in the air and began rubbing her pussy and her asshole too! Looking at my naked stepsister, pleasing herself, I offered to help teach her about basketball, if she did me a favor. The little slut saw me, and my boner then smiled and unbuttoned my pants. I was too shocked to react, so I let her do whatever she wanted. Her gorgeous mouth wrapped around my cock, and she sucked me hard and fast, drenching my rod with her spit. She let it all drip down her chin, all the way to her perky tits. Her mouth took my dick inside once again, and I felt how close to cumming I was. But the noise from the TV grabbed her attention. The game was over, and she was pissed. SEXY SISTERS CAN’T CONTROL THEIR TEENAGE SEX DRIVE: She got up, not even letting me finish, and went back to her room. After a while, I caught her getting ready for her date, and I stood at the edge of her bedroom, watching her tight body. My blue balls were begging for relief, my cock hard as steel! She saw me lurking and decided to tease me. My sister sat down on her bed and spread her legs. I walked closer to her, and she let me play with her holes. Her pussy pussy and ass were now completely exposed, wide open and spread. To prove her salacious nature to me my naked sister told me to lie back on her bed, and she pulled my pants off. She straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my cock! At first my stepsis slowly and sensually moved her pelvis to slide her slippery hole up and down over my cock. Then she arched her back and started twerking her ass on my cock! Our clothes were everywhere, all over her room, but the only thing both of us cared about was our building orgasms. I wanted more control over her, so I flipped us over, made her lay on her back, and I pounded her slit, roughly, looking into her pretty eyes. My huge cock stretched out her tight walls, making her scream and moan. I flipped us over once again, making her rest on her knees and hands, while I drilled her from behind and filled her with my cum. White sperm began leaking out of her and sliding gently down her slit. Soon we were fucking left and right, and my horny sister proved time and time again that she was no virgin.

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