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Naughty Christmas wishes

It was Christmas and it was time for family gatherings. Everyone was excited to get to see other family members and catch up. But some people were up for a different kind of gathering. It was early in the morning and a busty blonde was all awake and fresh. Her pussy actually woke her up as it was so wet and made her feel like it needed a dick in it as soon as possible. She ran down to the kitchen to get some coffee, but she found a nice surprise there. Her step brother was already there and she had the perfect opportunity to seduce him. She knows how to flirt and when she wants something, she surely gets it. The bald guy was a little intimidated, but as soon as she flashed her big tits at him, he listened to his dick. He grabbed her tits and she got his morning wood out. The girl got on her knees and started blowing his dick, which was rising quickly in her mouth. They were about to get it on when another blonde walked in on them. She also needed something stronger than coffee to wake her up, so the trio moved to the living room. They got on the couch and the lucky guy had these two horny blondes suck his dick together. His cock was really big, but a pair of mouths was enough to give it a great stimulation. The naked women were taking turns, and as one blew him, the other one played with the balls. They were blowing him well, but they didn’t come there just for the blow. Their pussies were burning from desire, and that dick needed to scratch the itch. One blonde wanted to go first, so she sat on the guy’s big cock and started riding it. She had fake tits and the other blonde loved playing with them as she watched her ride that stick. She would also play with her pussy, to give her extra satisfaction. As she watched them fucking, she started feeling the heat telling her that she would explode unless she sits on that dick herself. The other blonde got down and she took over the ride. It felt so good when she finally felt something big and hard inside her dripping wet cunt. His dick was getting so deep inside her and her whole body was feeling it. She had been waiting for that the whole morning. The naked girls switched again and they had a standing fuck with the guy. The babes took turns until they both had their orgasms. And they had a lot of them. The guy was tireless and he could fuck the hungry women all day long. It was the wettest Christmas ever.

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