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Naughty nurse and doctor help a married couple cum

Her husband couldn’t produce cum, and when she was researching his condition, most of the online posts suggested fertility clinics. So she went ahead and booked the best one she could find. The nurse called their name and both of them walked into the doctor’s examination office. When the doctor asked them what the problem was, the busty wife took a deep breath and admitted that her husband can’t produce cum! Booth the doctor and the nurse were intrigued with this case, and as the nurse helped the husband with his sample, the wife was left alone with the doctor to continue her exam. In the room next door, her husband had his cock out, and he started stroking it, while the cute nurse sat on the hospital bed, watching his movements closely. She pulled up her shirt, to encourage him with her beautiful big tits, but as much as she helped him, he couldn’t cum. Both disappointed, they went back into the office. The doctor took this time to explain the female anatomy to the husband, and the nurse had a better idea of exploring. She climbed on the bed with the curvy wife, and she slid her fingers inside of her slit. She suppressed all of her moans, and it wasn’t long before the girls were scissoring behind her husband’s back. They moved their hips in sync, rubbing their swollen clits together, and making each other cum quickly before the husband noticed their doings. The girls fixed their clothes, just in time. The doctor instructed the nurse to once again accompany the husband to give his sample. The wife was yet again alone with the doctor, and he wasted any time! He pulled out his penis, making her eyes widen in shock! Then he just pushed his tool inside of her! He was going to give her the dickdown she badly needed! His cock stretched out her tight walls, and all of their moans attracted the attention of their nurse. She walked back into the office, and she immediately joined them on the bed. The doctor laid down on the bed, and the wife took a seat on his face, while the naked nurse started riding his huge dick. While the trio was busy with making each other cum, her husband had to do that to himself, all on his own. But luckily for him, the slutty nurse came back into his room, with a hungry mouth that was ready to make him jizz. She sucked him off until his load shot through her mouth.

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