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Pornstar’s erotic holiday celebration interrupted by a group of thugs – PART 2

When thugs interrupted a holiday party, the pornstar had no choice but to seduce the criminals. She was waiting in a office, with a cute smile on her face, when a gun was pointed at her head. Instead of freaking out, the knockout approached the weapon and stroked it seductively, distracting the guy, until she grabbed his gun and escaped. Now the fiery bombshell was armed and dangerous, on a mission to fuck her way out. The hot blonde made her way to the roof and demanded police assistance over her walkie talkie, but the only ones who heard her were Russian thug and his hostage, her husband. The pornstar found a bearded hunk who recognized her face from porn movies. Swept away by her armed fan, the daredevil dropped on her knees and gave the thug a sloppy blowjob of a lifetime, gagging from the intense deepthroating action. The long sucking and ball worshipping made the tool wet and rock-hard, a perfect fit for her sizzling pussy. After a raunchy 69 had turned her snatch into a sensitive fuck hole, the naked blonde hopped on the meaty rod and rode it reverse cowgirl style while giving her cooch a good rubbing. She moved her hips up and down to feel the pecker deep inside, while her moans revealed that she was dangerously close to reaching the big O. Now facing the stud, the blonde kept impaling on the lengthy joystick, smearing love juice all over it, feeling the man’s big balls slap against her bouncy tushy. Once her twat got the necessary dose of orgasms, the naked blonde lay on her back, positioned her legs to the back of her head while the stiff penis drilled her aching butt hole. The delicious bombshell rolled her eyes in pleasure and stroked her slippery pearl, feeling another orgasm building up between her legs. The pornstar’s curvaceous figure trembled in utter joy as the mighty rod pumped a huge load inside her asshole.





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