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Sinful teacher seduced and took schoolgirl’s virginity after classes

Before she could exit the classroom, a teacher of her religious private school called out her name asking her to stay behind because he had something important to discuss with her. He led this sweet and petite brunette to the back room of the school, where he made sure that no one would hear them. He had been eyeing this petite beauty all year, and finally she was going to be his. He explained to her how people in the world would be throwing themselves to her knees, trying to take her virginity. Which is why he came up with an excuse, that God wanted HIM to take her virginity! As a very religious girl, she did not want to disobey God. So she agreed, and her teacher guided her hands to her pantes, letting her feel the pleasure of toying with herself. She had never touched herself down there before. He picked the schoolgirl up and placed her on the desk. He opened her legs, her pussy lips spread aside, showing him a gaping and very wet hole. The young, virgin, innocent pussy that never had been touched before. Her teacher smiled reassuringly and said that as her spiritual mentor, he felt an obligation to protect her, by taking her virginity instead of all those bad people outside. He began licking her, savoring the taste of her virgin pussy on his lips. Then he ordered the schoolgirl to stroke his cock. She couldn’t help staring at the size of it, she had never seen a cock or ever felt one. She saw the pleasure her hand gave as her teacher closed his eyes and moaned. She looked at his throbbing cock, leaned in closer and parted her lips slightly. The schoolgirl held the tip of his cock between her lips then began sucking it. He placed the tip at the entrance to her pussy, pushed himself inside of her, finally taking what was his. He spread her legs wider, and slammed his cock inside of her, deeper. He waited for a moment until she adjusted to his size, before moving his hips again. Her tight and never-been-touched-before pussy massaged his shaft, making it harder for him to contain his building orgasm. He let her ride him, slamming her ass in his lap, milking his cock and taking his cum.


Teen (18+)



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