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Spilling drinks in the cab got a cute Asian teen on her knees

This gorgeous Asian teen got into the taxi and had drinks with her, so the driver immediately told her there was no food or beverages allowed in the cab. His cab was not a moving cafe, and he didn’t want to deal with spillage and stains. But as he was telling her to be careful, she tried to tell him to pay attention to the road ahead. Moments passed, and the cab went over a big hole, making her spill her soda on the floor. He stopped the car, on the side of the road, and got in the back seat with her. She looked up at him, confused and regretful. Teen girl didn’t have the cash to pay for the stain to be cleaned, so her cab driver came up with a new solution, one that would make both of them happy. She dropped to her knees, unbuttoning his pants, and taking his fat cock out. Her delicate hands squeezed and stroked his shaft before she took him in her mouth. Her mouth sucked him in, making him throb. Her little mouth was stretched open as wide as possible. Her wetness spread in her panties, and neither of them could resist each other anymore. She took off her pants and knickers, while he waited patiently. The young naked girl impaled her tight hole on his rod, taking all of his inches inside of her. He gripped her waist firmly, slamming into her with force and grunting with every thrust. His cock stretched her out and pounded her pink tunnel until she couldn’t keep her orgasm at bay. His big, manly, and rough hands rested on her hips, as he guided her through her orgasm. Her pussy gripped him harder, and as she came, he let his cum spray all over her ass.

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