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Sweet blonde nanny seduced her married boss

Don’t miss the first part of this story PART 1! It has been a few months since Courtney started working as a nanny for the Pierce family. From day one he has had a crush on her boss, the husband. He has been gentle with her, and the more time she spent with him she realized how badly his wife treats him. But since Mr. Pierce was away a lot, the blonde hottie spent a lot more time with the kids, and the wife. Lately, she has been spying on the wife, and with good reason. Mrs. Pierce was cheating with the pool boy. She told Sammie, her best friend and roommate, everything, and when she finished her story about the cheating, Courtney mentioned how they asked her to move in with them. Her best friend begged her not to do it, her crush on her boss was too severe, and she was bound to get in between the couple. But the next day, without hesitating, her boss offered to move in her friend and roommate as well, and when the blonde hottie expressed her worries about her being a drama maker, he took her hand and assured her that the only person who could get between him and his wife was her. He took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Pushing her on the bed and wrapping his hands around her perfect body. She let him roam her curves, until his hands reached her panties. She let go of all the self control she had left, and he took off her clothes, along with his own. The beautiful young naked girl laid on the bed, wth him between her legs, waiting for him to stop teasing her pussy and finally have sex with her. He read her mind, and thrusted inside of her, pounding her in every position. Greedily sucking his cock into her mouth, the naughty nanny looked up at him and smiled as she caressed his rod with her tongue. Her buttocks were bouncing up and down when he pushed into her with deep hard thrusts. They fucked each other’s brains out until she couldn’t cum anymore, and he was out of juice.