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The filthy doctor and the creepy nurse fuck the gymnast girl

This olympic gymnast competitor went to do the usual medical check before the championship. But it was nothing that she was used to. The filthy doctor and the sneaky nurse wanted to use this little kitten and fuck her right there on the table. The doctor started examining the young teen girl as he made her strip down slowly. When her bald pussy was right there in front of him, he couldn’t help it but dip his fat finger in it. The girl was surprised and a bit shy, but these feelings were new for her and exciting to the young, inexperienced girl. The nurse made her a devious offer, in which the doctor would perform a much more thorough examination in exchange for them to alter the drug test results in her favor. The nurse approached the table and started rubbing that sweet clitoris. Boys had never touched her down there, and she concentrated on the wonderful new feeling on her virgin pussy. Soon the doc pulled out the hardest tool he had in the office and it was running wild in his pants. The nurse rushed to get the big thing in her mouth, kneeling down as he inserted the stick down her throat. The little gymnast watched the nurse suck her doctor’s cock and then joined to taste it too. These two wanted to liberate her from her virginity. The naked gymnast bent over the bed and the doc held her from behind as the nurse was oiling them up. Slowly, he inserted his cock inside the virgin pussy as she was moaning. He kept pushing his thing further and deeper as the kitten loved that. The lustful champion now wanted to try ‘girl on top’. Young naked girl stretched out on top of him and began to slowly move her pussy up and down his rigid prick. The naked nurse was there to play with her nipples and his balls. Suddenly her whole body began to shake and she began to squirt her juices all over the doctor! Her very first squirting orgasm! The guy was nailing the youngster as the MILF nurse would jump in occasionally. The girl kept squirting all over the doc’s cock and all over the nurse’s cunt. Finally, he filled both hoes up to the top with the love cream.

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